About Us

Good day, my name is Darren Graham and its great to welcome you to this website. Surprisingly I'm actually a painter and decorator by trade and I got started developing and making websites approximately thirteen years ago. Something of a significant change it may seem having said that I slipped into it successfully and nowadays it just is "what I do". Whilst in some cases I develop websites just for enjoyment, I do clearly additionally try to generate a little bit of money out of it (to fund hosting, domain names for example). To tell the truth I find it a fascinating challenge, brainstorming concepts and putting them into practise.

I wager that I am not the only guy to have gotten exasperated whenever surfing around websites to get constant pop-up windows recommending crap I don't want and newsletters I will never look at, continuous adverts shoved in my face that has nothing to do with what I am in search of, and in addition being forced to sign up or sign in to do almost anything whatsoever on the majority of websites. I wager that you feel the same way once the resultant email spam starts arriving and its necessary to invest your precious time day after day trashing that rubbish?

My site is not dynamic hence stuff is not going to move about or take a lot of time to fully load. You will not be instructed to register or logon and I promise you will never ever get any unnecessary e-mails or newsletters. You'll come across a bit of promotion and advertising on this website, it isn't pushed down your throat. And you will certainly not get pop-ups you can't close down.

Basic, straightforward websites have invariably been my objective, having content that is quick to load up and don't include rubbish that you don't want. Hopefully I've accomplished this here and at least you will not have been dissatisfied with your visit, perhaps you'll even have enjoyed the exercise. If so then I have triumphed in my goal.

I am not actually a plumber myself so please do not contact me with any inquiries in connection with plumbing or for price quotes for plumbing work, the website was designed to tell you about some of the different ways to look for a good plumber by yourself.

I cannot recommend or endorse any individual service, I have purely indicated some methods of identifying one, the decision is in the end yours.

I hope to to see you here again in the future and many thanks once more for visiting.